Criminal Minds Finale Sneak Peek: Kate’s Niece Hits the ‘Panic’ Button


The treachery of a returning UnSub hits close to home for the BAU this Wednesday on the Criminal Minds Season 10 finale, as seen in this exclusive sneak peek.

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As seen at the close of last episode, Kate’s niece Meg (played by Hailey Sole) and her BFF Markayla (Taylor Mosby) had gotten a lift to a concert from their friend Bobby’s minivan-driving mother. ‘Cept, that so was not Bobby’s mom, we had to fear.

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In the above clip from Wednesday’s finale (CBS, 9/8c), titled “The Hunt,” Kate gets her first indication that something has in fact gone very wrong, teeing up an hour in which the season premiere’s human-trafficking baddie resurfaces in the worst of ways.

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