H50 5.25 – Drop dead McGorgeous

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

They should sell tickets for Alex´s beach scenes, that would make a big pile of money for local charities, maybe even a small cut for CBS 😉

Since we got so much yummo in this final episode (of the season) I had to skip scenes and decided to just have wet Steve and tux McG in this post. Just had to get this out quickly. Alex was just O.M.G all the time. And the episode was well done also. A nice ending to s 5… 🙂 Enjoy the final s5 pretties!

Wet Steve!

525 face 1



Tux McG!


Possibly the funniest moment in this episode 😀
“You don´t get to die today even if it made my life a lot quieter”, or something like that 😀


So was there a big cliffhanger, enough for s 6?

(Ps 5.24 post will be done later, today or tomorrow)

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