Alex O’Loughlin talks romance and J-Lo’s bum – April 2010

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

 Alex doing an interview for the Premiere or The Back-Up Plan in the UK with “The Showbiz 411”

Reporter: Now, you character gets about a 100 points in the boyfriend stakes, for the place he takes Jennifer on a date.

Alex: [Laughs] Right.


Reporter: What would be your idea of a romantic night out?

Alex: Well everyone does … everyone goes to restaurants and goes and has dinner and ….. I think the more spontaneous and the less sort of obvious it is, the more romantic it is. Like I think if you sort of bundle someone up in the car and took them out into the desert and where there was no one and nothing. And created something – sort of what Stan does, he creates something out of nothing. Like I think that’s more … I think that’s more romantic than the run of the…

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