Alex O’Loughlin relishes his role in ‘Moonlight.’ – Sept 2007

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

A vampire detective from down under?

The opening episode of the new CBS drama “Moonlight” starts with the show’s central figure involved in a question-and-answer session with a television reporter. The questions have to do with the fact and fiction behind what it is like to be a vampire who works as a detective. Alex O’Loughlin gets the task of playing the dark character. In keeping with the show’s interview-style opening, the Australian actor answers a few questions about the series.

26 September 2007
by The Fresno Bee

Article found on Alex O’Loughlin fan

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Question: Are vampires big in the land down under?

Alex: I’ve been kind of obsessed with the genre since I first discovered it. I discovered Anne Rice when I was sort of late teens. And I read the first five or six books of “The Vampire Chronicles.” I loved her character development. I…

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