401 – Steve got his shirt messy

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Here we go, my so 4 premier´s first impressions of Steve:

That body! Our manly masculin McG is back stronger than before. I can smell the testosterone through the screen.


His tiny sidekick is still mostly invisible in my “recaps”. But he was hilarious throughout this epi 😀


Oh there he is. And now back to the gem on the right. Wow. Look at that “I am so not scared” face.


And they gave us a sweat dripping hunk too!


Steve made a date. I´m thinking his buddy is almost in tears with jealousy 😛


McStairmaster in action! (see result in next pic)


401-buttDon´t walk away from us!

Promise you´ll come back tomorrow with more yummies?



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