Making love with ‘Alex O’, eewww…

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Alex talking about love scenes, on the set of Moonlight – 2008


Alex: The thing about … a …. sex scenes and romance and passion and stuff in films. There’s a crew of 50 people standing around and … you know, I mean, it’s the most awkward thing an actor ever has to do, is roll around with somebody else he doesn’t know at all … in the nude.

You have people kind of fondling around all parts of your body. And got … they put you in a, what is a called a dancers belt. Which is essentially a G-string. And  they kind of just fondle where, and fiddle around where they will. And you just sort of have to ignore them.

   Some gentle loving in ‘The Back-up Plan’


It’s funny, because I mean it’s fun to watch, when you’re not in a scene like…

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