Aussie Alex to cast his justice on ‘The Shield’ – May 2006

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

YOU can almost hear the Jacobs Creek popping over in La La Land as yet another Aussie has cracked it in Hollywood. You know him best as the Oyster Farmer on the banks of the Hawkesbury river but Sydney actor Alex O’Loughlin has just scored a major break after being cast in a lead role on gritty US cop show ‘The Shield’. 

 30 May 2006
Daily Telegraph, The (Sydney)

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O’Loughlin joins Vic Mackey’s strike team as detective Kevin Hiatt after one of the team dies in the series’ fifth-season finale. “This will probably be the thing that gets me recognized,”O’Loughlin, who narrowly missed out on the role of James Bond, said yesterday. “It’s a big deal. The role was highly coveted over here and I’m really happy.”

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After a year and a half trying to crack the big time in the US, the…

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