H50 season 6 blessing over and done with in a flash

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Here are the few blessing videos that popped online. The live streaming was very unfortunate for some of us. Luckily they were shared later on. Yey! Unfortunately Foyeur was tied up with RL and that meant I had to give a go at the transcript. Oy… Well this is what my ears (and imagination) caught 😉 Btw Dusty was so cute on the set 🙂

Interview with Hawaii News Now, Billy V.

Interviewer: Let´s talk about Dusty. Dusty is not an official H50 member, this guy is, Alex O`Loughlin, at an undisclosed location here in Oahu.


I: Alex, you said your favorite thing about Hawaii Five-0 is  the community stuff that you get to do out there?

Alex: I did say that and actually  it is great. It´s our (???hawaiian word) responsibility. It´s…everybody that has a job, that pays well and anything where we get a bit of exposure in the public eye…

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