Homeland Season 5 Trailer: A ‘Naive, Stupid’ (!) Carrie in Peril?


“Keeping America Safe” is the tagline forHomeland‘s first Season 5 trailer — but who’s looking out for Carrie Mathison’s well-being?

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Claire Danes’ alter ego gets attacked from behind in the dark, (possibly) abducted in broad daylight and insulted by her mentor Saul Berenson all in the course of the 30-second teaser.

Heck, all the woman wants to do is “good work”! (Thankfully, it looks like old crush Peter Quinn will be at least tangentially involved in that pursuit.)

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Despite buzz that the Showtime drama was headed back to the U.S. after a season spent in South Africa (standing in for Pakistan), exec producer Alex Gansa announced in March at PaleyFest that Carrie & Co. would be putting…

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