Alex O’Loughlin Answers Burning FEED Question

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Another story, originally posted by site owner Mizz, on the old Alex fansite ‘Alex O’Loughlin Rocks’
Of course the footage of the scenes from Feed, we added ourself 🙂
feed bw pendant
Posted by mizzoH on AOLR on 9 March 2009
Ever since I watched Alex O’Loughlin mesmerize in FEED as Michael Carter, there has been a question bugging me that isn’t addressed in the movie. At the start of the feature when Michael arrives at the house with six cheeseburgers for Deirdre, he has a ritual where he undresses, removes his wedding band and slips a silver chain with a pendant from a statuette and clasps it around his neck. He wears the pendant whenever he’s with Deirdre throughout the movie, so it obviously has a special meaning… but I needed to know what its significance is, exactly, and what is the pendant of?

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