Aloha, Alex! – October 2011

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

After once again seeing Alex’s doggie Dusty doing her thing and enjoying herself and entertaining us and the people at the Blessing ceremony last week, I kept thinking about this interview back in the beginning of Season 2, when Dusty was still a puppy of a few months old. Then realised we haven’t posted and added this article to our media archive yet…..

Hope you enjoy it. 🙂


Alex O’Loughlin talks to TV Week’s Jenny Cooney Carillo about filming Hawaii Five-0 and life in paradise

Australian TV Week

8 October 2011

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As Steve McGarrett in Hawaii Five-0, Alex O’Loughlin has run the gamut of being shot at and beaten up to jumping out of a moving car. But when TV Week caught up with the charming Aussie on the phone on the set of the hit action series, he was dealing with a more personal drama: rushing his…

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