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Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

I had a bit of a chuckle reading this conversation………

“Private Eyes”

Neely Swanson, posted an interview with formerMoonlight executive producer Chip Johannessen. Chip wrote a pilot, “Private Eyes”, that was not picked up.

No Meaner Place

16 June 2010

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 Life Lessons for Writers: 

Can’t women be buddies? Apparently not, as far as television is concerned.

Neely: I really hate to be one of those women, but this is the second really excellent female buddy pilot  I’ve written about that didn’t get picked up. Somehow “They” don’t seem to be afraid to try any one of a number of lame male buddy series – and it continues in that vein with the pickups of “Franklin and Bash,”“The Defenders,” Hawaii 5-0” (yes, it’s a buddy show), and “The Good Guys.” 

I guess it’s just female buddy shows. One has a much greater…

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