‘Kissing Jennifer? Awful!’ (LOL) – April 2010

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

The ‘prime cut’ from Down Under takes a bow as Hollywood’s newest sexy romance-comedy hero in a feel-good flick with J.Lo

PhilStar Entertainment

By Ricky Lo
11 April 2010

Alex TBUP 10

BEVERLY HILLS, California — Of course, Alex O’Loughlin was just kidding…was just acting true to form…when, asked how it felt kissing the Jennifer Lopez not just once but several times in Columbia Pictures’ The Back-Up Plan (distributed worldwide by Sony Pictures Releasing International, opening in the Philippines on April 23), he made a sour face and, turning to J.Lo beside him, answered dryly, “Kissing Jennifer? It’s awful!” Then, he burst into a shoulder-shaking laughter, “infecting” J.Lo with his sense of humor, adding as soon as he recovered his breath, “It wasn’t difficult. I mean, it feels pretty good to kiss a beautiful woman.”To which J.Lo countered, laughing, “That’s your job, baby!”

But first, just who is Alex O’Loughlin and why…

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