Screen sister ‘Taryn’ talking about Mary and Alex

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Will we see more (or anything at all) of Mary McGarrett (and Baby Joan) this season on Hawaii Five-0?

Steve & Mary 2

This is an excerpt of an old article on Starpulse about Taryn Manning on  6 September 2012:

She’s on her way to Hawaii to shoot a return appearance for the upcoming third season of the CBS drama, on which she’s played Steve McGarrett’swayward sister Mary Ann off and on since the first year. Her character has been somewhat of a wild card: CBS touted her as a regular at one point, only for Mary Ann to be shipped back to the mainland later on. (You can read the very interesting story posted by TV Guide on 20 December 201o here) and of course there is also a post on Five-0 Undercoverhere about Taryn’s meltdown and recovery at that stage. (Please remember – this is water…

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