When Jericho and Moonlight Meet – 2009

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Interesting to see what Producer Carol Barbee had to say about Alex. They worked together on Three Rivers and later, after this interview also on Hawaii Five-0.

three rivers.jpg

The original article on SciFi Universe seems to be lost, but I found this on

Alex O’Loughlin Fan. com

Alex & Carol

Scifi fans know Carol Barbee as the executive producer and a writer on the cult favorite series Jericho. But these days, she’s making the Moonlightfans happy because she cast Alex O’Loughlin to star in her new medical drama, Three Rivers.


I met up with Carol at a recent press screening of her new show and here’s what she had to say about casting everyone’s favorite vampire as a top transplant surgeon.

“Alex had a holding deal for CBS and I was under contract to CBS. He met with lots of people, we met with lots of people. He want…

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