Alex O’Loughlin – GQ Australia Actor of the Year 2011

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

On 22 November 2011, Alex was awarded the ‘Actor of the Year‘ award at the GQ Australia ‘Men of the Year’ awards in Sydney, Australia. It was one of twelve awards of the evening that were given in various categories….. of course it was also the event where Alex first publicly introduced his new love to the world.

Alex at GQ

This is a recap of interviews done on the day:

  • Alex on who he would nominate as ‘Man of the Year’.
  • Alex when asked about style.
  • Alex about finding his dream girl.
  • Alex accepting the award.

Alex - 2011

Do yourself a favour and click on this picture to see in full size – but be aware Alex’s eyes might keep you captive, if you do!

 On the ‘black carpet’:

Man of the year:

Question: Who would your “Man of the Year” be, if you could nominate someone?

Alex: That’s…

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