Alex O’Loughlin: “O’Laughlin remains realistic about career” – 2010

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Before we move on to this post – one of my pet peeve. People  using the surname “O’Laughlin” for Alex as in this original newspaper article and other media articles and fan posts on social media. Most people really do not like it when people use their names incorrectly. Alex chose the name O’Loughlin as his professional name and I think he might prefer it, if people use it like that ……. 😕

 Alex O’Loughlin is booked, Danno! After two prematurely cancelled television series – Moonlight and Three Rivers –  and years of supporting roles, the 33-year-old Australian has no shortage of work as a leading man.

He stars opposite Jennifer Lopez in the romantic comedy The Backup Plan. And he’s already spent weeks filming CBS’s remake of the 1970s cop show Hawaii Five-O, in which he…

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