Yippee! The cake spells Alex today!

Happy Birthday 🎂 Feliz Cumpleaños 🎂 joyeux anniversaire 🎂

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Happy Birthday Alex!


39 has never looked better on anyone! Tall, dark and lethally handsome, with curves in all the right places and a bit of silver dusting 😉 Than you for all the joy you bring us every day. Today, we wish you, Alex, all the best, lots of love and health and happiness and hope you get to share your celebration with good friends and loved ones. And most of all, may your cake last for days and drinks keep coming!sunnies smiley

And just to remind us again, quoting his friends, why we have fallen (hopelessly) for this wonderful man cat_smiley01

“A lot of times you do a pilot … and you know if the pieces aren’t working. And I think they knew right away they had a star in Alex and they just rebuilt around him.”

”Moonlight” co-star Brian Whiteyess smileyf

mick at bday

“He’s not only attractive, but he’s very, very sweet,” she said.“He’s…

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