A day of fun in the mud – Pictures from the #H50 set 25 August 2015

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

What do you do when a storm hits Hawaii ….. you make the best of it 😀
  – Rain delay on set. Crazy weather in Honolulu.

Masi on Twitter 4

masi_oka  – Mud day!

Masi on Twitter 1

mikemartinez27  –  Fuc’n actors

(Click on Mike’s name above to see the video)

  • Doing the ‘Mudbucket challenge’ LOL – BTW – It was not really Mike’s birtday 😆

  – Having fun in the mud!
  mud buddies
Looks like Alex felt Scott needed to get a little bit more mud on him
Masi on Twitter 3
–  That FACE! –

danieldaekim  – #H50 is good clean fun

bts muddy ohana

Judging by the mud coverage and the face, I think it is clear who gave it his all as the biggest goof  –  100% adorable Mr O smiley-die-laughing

natalianstalion – How we film in the rain #tropicalstorm#ignacio#h50

Natalia's picture

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