Sunset On The Beach 6: Links and people to follow for the best news

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Remember today is SOTB day and the red carpet should be starting around 5 or 6 pm Hawaiian time (12 hours behind out blog time) Let’s hope the weather will play along and proceedings will take place as planned.

If you need to find the time in your zone, here is the link to an easy to use timezone converter.

This is a post to help you to find linksof possible live stream broadcasts of the event and also accounts to follow, in order to get the best up to date information and pictures surrounding the event. We won’t be able to cover everything immediately, but you should get the best information from the event, by following these links. We will try to compile a post with highlights later on – and it will as usual be focussing on Alex.

SOTB 1 a SOTB 1 – 2010

Livestream links:

(Remember to…

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