Escaping into history – 2005

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

It gave us some genuine respect for the great determination these people had. – Greg Haddrick

written by Scott Ellis

Sydney Morning Herald
30 October 2005

will bnw 4

Australians have a tendency to elevate unlikely characters to hero status. For example, Ned Kelly, essentially a thief and murderer, has been paralleled with Robin Hood; “Breaker” Morant, executed as a war criminal, is seen by Australians as a victim of British military bastardry; and Mary Bryant, a convict who stole a boat and made an epic voyage to escape, is hailed as the sort of person who helped shape our nation.

And while Bryant might not be immediately recognisable, there’s little doubt her story is every bit as exciting as that of Kelly or Morant.

will bnw 5

Transported to Australia for robbery, Bryant convinced a group of her fellow convicts to steal a small boat attached to Governor Arthur Phillip’s ship Sirius and set…

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