A Bright Beginning – 2005

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Today we are waiting “patiently” for Season 6 of Hawaii Five-0 to begin tonight. I thought it could be interesting to go back 10 years and have a look at those early days of Alex’s career  ……….

A Bright Beginning

2  November 2005

Although it was originally posted in The Australian the article is no longer available there.

I found this in the archives of  the now closed down site

Alex O’loughlin. Org

feed extra n3

A gang of four has set up a film production company to get away from the Hollywood system. Jack Thompson is sitting on a wooden step in the small, mustard-coloured courtyard of his home in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. The veteran actor with more than 40 films to his credit, from the Australian classic ‘Breaker Morant’ (1980) to last year’s American drama ‘The Assassination of Richard Nixon’, sits quietly, listening intently. Every so often he…

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