Thay say ……. #AlexOLoughlin is all about humour

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

TubeTalk Girl Live

by Jennifer Squires Biller

16 January 2008

(Some excerpts from the interview with Sophia Myles )

Mick and Beth (promo)

Discuss the chemistry between you and Alex.

Sophia: It’s absolutely luck. It’s like the gift you wish for. If there was a formula you could produce, then every show would be a hit show. I’ve had a lot of costars and leading men, but it’s like normal life. Some people you click with, and some you don’t. We make the other one better. It’s like playing a really good game of tennis everyday. Out of character, Alex and Sophia, our relationship is based on humor, and we laugh our asses off. If you filmed us off screen it would make an even better show than Moonlight. It’s hilarious.

About Moonlight

Sophia: For me, being part of this show has been incredible. I never knew what I was…

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