Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (28 Sept – 3 Oct 2015)

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Wow, what a quiet week it has been ….. or maybe I was just too busy with RL and missed everything that happened? 😕

Life on the Set:

tjaythompsonThe @aloha_twinners got to hang out on set yesterday and watch their cousin @m_grindatti do her first stunt! Oh, they got to meet this guy too.

On set

Taping at UH

aivlysweetie  Don’t mind me I’m just creeping from the window at #oahustateuniversity. #hawaii50 took over the front lawn at #uhmanoa today. All the extras were staged outside our window at work. Not distracting at all. 😬. #filmcrew#hi50#mcgarrett#manoa#h50#alexoloughlin#hawaiifive0

(Click on the name to see the short clip)

Fan photos:

  Maddux&AlexFriends@MadduxYoshi   Aloha to Alex O’ Loughlin


 News for the week:

Real Hawaii band opens for ‘Hawaii Five-0’By:

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