And the Most Anticipated New TV Show of the Fall (2010) Is…

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

by Kristin Dos Santos

TV Spoilers and Exclusives

From E!Online

14 June 2010

213 bw buddies 2

Dun dun dun na na na….Dun dun dun na na.

Sorry, just singing a little ditty that just so happens to be the theme song of the most exciting new series coming out this fall. According to you. That’s right. Thousands of you have weighed in on the show you’re looking forward to the most for the coming 2010-11 season, and it is:

Hawaii Five-O!

Yes, the CBS remake, with Lost‘s awesome-sauce Daniel Dae Kim and Moonlight‘s awesome-sauce Alex O’Loughlin  (whom we just spoke with; see below) was chosen by you fans as the show most worth getting excited about.

For those who missed our Pick Your New Fave tournament, the fans were given sneak-peek video and info for all 34 new series, then asked to choose…

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