Trivia – The Back -Up Plan

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

This is a short trivia post about The Back-Up Plan that was originally posted on AOLR.

TBUP (7)

• The Back-up Plan is the second feature ever released for CBS Films.
• Plan B was the initial title for the movie. Although titles cannot be copyrighted, they can be registered with the MPAA and as ‘Plan B’ was already registered by another studio, CBS Films went with The Back-up Plan instead.

TBUP (5)

The Back-up Plan is director Alan Poul’s first feature film production.
• The movie’s initial release date was January 23, 2010. It was then postponed to April 16 before April 23 was selected as the final release date.
• Principal photography kicked off on May 11, 2009 in LA and was completed on July 25, 2009in New York City. One or more scenes involving Alex O’Loughlin were reshot during the third weekend in December in LA.

TBUP (9)

• Three…

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