Gorgeous #AlexOLoughlin as Mick St John, with some Moonlight Trivia

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Over the years we have posted a lot of trivia and information about Moonlight, but of course we can never get enough of Mick. This is an old post I found on the closed down site AOLR. Hope you enjoy some Mick trivia and pretty pictures with us…….

ml 1 profile light

•… the story is based on a novel called Angel of Vengeance by Trevor Munson about a vampire/private investigator called Mick Angel?

• … the show was originally called Twilight and that the original script was written for a feature film?
• … the show’s creator, Trevor Munson, based Coraline’s character on an ex-girlfriend of his?
• … there were two actors who stood out at the auditions for the lead role of Mick St. John? One was of course Alex O’Loughlin and the other was Henry Thomas, whom most of us know as Elliott, the boy from E.T.

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