3 things you didn’t know about ‘Five-0’ favorite Alex O’Loughlin – 2011

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

By now we know so much more about Alex and many things in his life changed since those early days, but it is always interesting to see what made news in those first months of Hawaii Five-0 ….

Alex O’Loughlin, 34, the star of TV’s new hit show Hawaii Five-0, already has made a home for himself on the island state. It reminds him of his home country, Australia.

USA Weekend

17 February 2011

Written by: BRIAN TRUITT

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“The beaches are more like Australian beaches than on the mainland, and people are very laid-back and cool and relaxed,” says O’Loughlin, who has a teenage son, Saxon, back home.

He spills on some of his favorite things:

  • Cooking.

He cooks for company, and “people politely eat my food.”But when he’s alone, “I eat out more, just because it’s easy and you can do it pretty inexpensively.”

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