Shirtless Treats for Some Saturday Fun …..

No another man, no another body….he’s the best, the one, the phantasm women men..
So adorable

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Due to real life commitments we will have to postpone our weekly post and the posts for the new episode from last night to another day. But we hope you enjoy this …….

Our countdown, to the end of the year, started at the beginning of the month. Unfortunately the pictures are minimized on Instagram. We therefore decided to post them here as well, in their orignal size. We hope you enjoy our shirtless hunk in all his different roles and see how he looked over the years.

  • Alex as Jack Flange in Oyster Farmer. It was filmed in late 2003 – this is Alex at age 27 years. All 6 tattoos, he had at the time, were visible for this role.

of shirtless bw sq

  • Alex as Will Bryant and the TV mini series The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant. It was filmed at the end of 2004 – this was

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