Ill met by Moonlight? No, this star loves his vampire series – Dec 2007

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

My Thoughts:  Not really anything in this article that we have not heard many times in other articles before, but we hope you enjoy all these beautiful pictures of Mick. There is always place in our hearts for more Mick ❤

Vampire stories have been messing with Alex O’Loughlin’s mind ever since he was a teenager.

By The Ottawa Citizen

14 December 2007

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 “I’ve been kind of obsessed with the genre since I first discovered it,” he concedes. “I discovered Anne Rice when I was sort of in my late teens. And I read the first five or six books of The Vampire Chronicles twice, actually, which was a little obsessive.”

It’s no wonder, then, that the obsession would eventually turn O’Loughlin into a vampire — at least on TV. The 32-year-old Australian actor tops the cast of Moonlight, a rookie American series that revolves around Mick…

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