Alex O’Loughlin: Transcript of UK Interview #1 for TBUP – April 2010

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Aussie hunk Alex O’Loughlin has hit the big time – playing the romantic lead in Jennifer Lopez’s comeback comedy, “The Back-up Plan.” The 33-year-old has been battling away as an actor for nearly a decade, appearing in TV dramas like “The Shield,” “Moonlight” and “Three Rivers” before landing a big break in his latest film. It hasn’t been an easy climb to the top, with Alex slumming it in various jobs just to make ends meet

 – Associated Press: Jack of all Trades, Master of One

tbup bed profile

Alex: It can be a little overwhelming, there is so much work. And you know, you sit in so many interviews and you talk about the same thing and you kind of keep going over and over. So it’s good for me to sort of stop and walk outside occasionally and look up at the sky and [Breathe] ‘Wow, Okay.This is great…

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