Alex loves selfies! We hope.

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Selfies or not? What do you think, did I get some wrong, was it someone else snapping the pic?

Caught in the act! This selfie got me chuckling, thanks to Jeff Cadiente for getting this pic and sharing with fans 😀

airjef al selfie From Season1. #H50 #bts AOL loves sexting right up until they call action – by Jeff C.

This Moonlight selfie is just so great, judging by his shoulders he couldn´t resist  snapping a selfie 😀

bts ML4 selfie wet

FOYeur claims this is not a selfie, I can´t be sure, but to me it just looks a bit off, taken from a higher angle. Anyway, I find it funny to think he wanted to snap a pic with Louvre in the background 😀

Alex in Paris

A load of Moonlight era clicks, again, not sure about all of these, just suspecting…

What about this one, his eyes seem to be looking at phone screen while carefully snapping this…

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