‘Three Rivers’ returns to film in Pittsburgh – August 2009

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Community Voices of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

17 August 2009

Written by Rob Owen

rugby 2

Now that the “Three Rivers” pilot that was shot in Pittsburgh in March and April is not airing as the first episode of the series, star Alex O’Loughlin and a small crew returned to town for a quick shoot Sunday morning at Bigbee Field in Mt. Washington.

The episode begins with a camera panning up from some flowers on the side of Bigbee Street to reveal a rugby team on a field below that overlooks Downtown Pittsburgh. After shooting the scene from a camera positioned on Bigbee Street, the crew moved equipment down to the field for close-ups.


During the transition time, O’Loughlin fans approached the star to get him to sign “Three Rivers” posters and photos they brought with them

Amy Villalba of Baltimore and Faye DiGiovanni of Philadelphia met on a “Moonlight” fan site…

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