Alex O’Loughlin Is A Proud Sleep-Deprived Papa – November 2012

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Alex on ET Canada

– Transcript and report of an interview done at the press day on

10 November 2012,

two weeks after the birth of his son Lion

Report written: By Sarah Koo

(26 November 2012)

Alex: Why do people say congratulations when you have a child?It’s awful. I mean, you don’t sleep, you’re covered in vomit and poop all the time.

While the Hawaii Five-0 star is cool and collected as Steve McGarrett on the show, in real-life he’s feeling the fatigue courtesy of the new addition to the family – Lion.

No doubt the name“Lion O’Loughlin’s” got ring to it, and the proud papa fills us in on the inspiration behind his and mama Malia Jones’ unique choice.


Reporter: Yes, the joys of parenthood. Scott [oops, I am sure he meant Alex] and his girlfriend Malia Jones welcomed a baby…

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