#H50 6.11 – #SteveMcGarrett got a date

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Wow. What should I say about this episode…Well, I only watched Alex bits (short on time, visiting family) and I did get good laughs at all those funny faces Alex/Steve gave us 😀 The drunk McG with lipstick on his face was a bit of a shock, initially. But then I kept thinking it must have been fun for Alex to play a bit of a different character than our usual Navy SEAL. I do agree, that the actions don´t really fit the Steve, we´ve gotten to know over the years. Let´s just enjoy the fun Alex had 🙂

This is what I captured today (please remember we did post the other gifs in our 6.11. spoiler post)

Super cutie Steve 🙂

611-cute boy-mcg


The great plan

Lucky Alyssa (and friend?) got a taste of those sweet lips…mmm…



Well earned rest 😉


Day after, no regrets?






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