Scott Caan & Alex O’Loughlin – CBS – August 2010

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study


Hawaii Five-0 stars Scott Caan & Alex O’Loughlin talk about what fans can expect from the all new Hawaii Five-0.

Alex & Scott 1

Alex: It felt like a perfect balance of the comedy and action and everything you want in a TV show.

Scott: You want to get people involved in the characters. And have that be something that keeps people’s interest.

Alex & Scott 2

Scott: Because you know, you can only blow so many things up right?

Alex: Not really, you can blow lots and lots of stuff up.

Alex 1

Alex: The relationship between McGarrett and Danno is ….. is very different to the relationship in the old show.

Scott: We both got the same objective. And we are both going after the same thing, but we just have some really different approaches

Alex & Scott 4

Scott: You know the idea is, you want to catch people’s eye. And ultimately…

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