Moonlight Interview: ‘I’m Obsessed with Vampires’ – January 2008

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

While Aussie actor Alex O’Loughlin sees the lighter side of life, he has always harboured a gothic streak.

TV Soap

by Paulette Cohn

9 January 2008

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For Sydney-born actor Alex O’Loughlin to be cast as 90-year-old vampire in the super natural series Moonlight fulfills a prophecy.

“I have been kind of obsessed with the genre since I first discovered it, since I could first get my head around it,” the actor tells TV SOAP.

“I discovered (author) Anne Rice in my late teens, and I read Interview with a Vampire – the first of the Vampire Chronicles – twice, actually, which was a little obsessive. I loved her character developement and I loved her mythology of vampires, so I have always wanted to play a vampire.”

ml 2 cl 16

O’Loughlin’s contemporary vampire, a private investigator named Mick St John, won’t be biting necks to quench his blood lust. Rather synthetic blood will…

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