Alex O’Loughlin on The Early Show – April 2008

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Alex with Maggie Rodriguez on the Early Show on 21 April 2008 as promotion for the restart of Moonlight later that week. A usual I hope you enjoy the beautiful Alex and Mick pictures we have here

Maggie: But here at CBS we have our own hero, Mick St John the vampire private eye on the hit show Moonlight. When we last saw Mick he had taken a cure that made him mortal. And now he’s living his human life to the fullest.

ml promo cr n 1

[They show a clip from Moonlight, Episode 13]

Maggie: Alex O’Loughlin is here. Good morning.

Alex: Good morning.

Maggie: This is water, not blood.

Alex: Okay, I was having a look at that earlier.

ml 1 cl 2

Maggie: So in the first episode after the strike, which is airing on CBS …

Alex: This Friday.

Maggie: This Friday. Do we find out…

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