Sunrise teaser for Alex O’Loughlin inteview – September 2012

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Tannya Joaquin: You know finally I get my turn.I’m waiting around, I’m waiting around to get my turn with Alex O’Loughlin, only for him to be called right back the set to shoot. And our chat started off so promising as I was putting on his microphone. Check it out ……..

yahoo 2 bw

Tannya: You’ve go the craziest fans, I’ve got to say. Just because I got the chance to interview you a few times, I get weird requests.

Alex: Yeah.

Tannya: Steal his shirt, or some things like that.

Alex: Yeah, I have some … I have some underwear to give to you.

Tannya: Oh, you do. Okay.

Alex: If that’s okay.

Tannya: That’s kind of you.

Alex: I trained in it at the gym today. And so you can take it with.

Tannya: Nice and fresh.

Alex: Yeah.

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