Alex is a SUPER nice guy: The stories behind the pictures – Chiranuj

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

In an interview at last year’s SOTB, Alex talked about having the Aloha in you, and if you don’t, that you will never understand it. Looking at these pictures and reading the story, I got a sense of what he meant by it.

Most of you have seen these pictures and some have asked for more information about them. We asked Chiranuj to tell us a bit more about her visits to the set of Hawaii Five-0 and she was kind enough to share more details with us.

chiranuj h50 sign

Chiranuj was fortunate enough to get these opportunities to visit the set through different friends who knew how much she loves Hawaii Five-0. She is from Thailand where her family owns Thai’s Singha Beer. Through her work in the tourist industry, she has been able to travel a lot and visit many destinations. One of them being Hawaii.

The first of…

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