The Steve McGarrett Story – No # 134

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

We continue our story fromhere.

This episode is a prime example of why we should not take Hawaii Five-0 too seriously most of the time. It is the world of make-believe and not really realistic at all and that is what the majority of its followers seem to like …… ?


616 (62)

I was asked what I thought of the episode and my answer was:

“It was a bunch of the usualenjoyable hokum”.

Well I did use another word at first but it was maybe not very ladylike. Then I thought maybe the word hokum explains it better.


hokum: trite, sentimental, or unrealistic situations and dialogue in a movie, play, or piece of writing.

We all have different likes and dislikes and for as many viewers that there are, there are different views. And we can maybe afford others  the freedom to voice those opinions.

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Maybe that…

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