Five Questions for Alex O’Loughlin – March 2016

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Alex O’Loughlin: I wanted Hawaii Five-0 to be filmed in LA


Article by Frank Rousseau

12 March 2016

The cop of Hawaii 5-0, the American show under the coconut palms, is coming back with the new Season 6.

Télé Z: Your action scenes are spectacular. Do you use a stand-in?

Alex: Stunts, I did many the first year. As an athlete, to challenge myself, but also for professionalism and to justify my fee. Now, I slowed down, but I still do a good amount. Even if it means taking a long time to recover!

617 armed

Télé Z: You are shooting in Hawaii which is considered as heaven on earth. Isn’t the isolation a bit boring?

Alex: As a younger person, I loved travelling and being in a different setting! I can spend hours observing nature. In Hawaii, I have a front-row seat! And, don’t forget…

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