#H50 6.20 – A McGarrett proof body-armour

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

What a “silly” episode. Didn´t really like it, too much CGI (which is ok for sci-fi but not HI). Alex looked a bit tired, and he still has 5 more episodes to get through! Poor dude (he of course is currently vacationing by the pool somewhere and has forgotten all about Steve and H50 silliness) 😉

Tried my best to capture something inspiring 😀 Enjoy!

“Look at that handsome devil!”

Thigh appreciation


Like a beast, stalking his prey


Steve got surprised (ps couldn´t help myself, pottymouth appreciation 😉 )


McGarrett proof body armour (surely it would have been too big for wee Danny 😛 )

No matter what the cause, that smile is so wonderful to see ♥


If Steve doesn´t get to drive, he gets car sick, right?


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