Alex O’Loughlin on “The Doctors” – Oct 2009

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Let’s continue with our subject for the week ……..

Alex O’Loughlin with his research adviser for ‘Three Rivers’,  Dr Gonzo Gonzales-Stawinski, on the TV Show ‘The Doctors’.

– Presenters: Dr Travis Stork, Dr Andrew Ordon, Dr Lisa Masterson and Dr Jim Sears.

– 2 October 2009.

(Transcript of the video)

Dr Stork: Admit it a lot of what you learn when it comes to medicine, you see in movies and on TV, right. Well that was a clip from the new CBS show, Three Rivers. It is an extremely realistic look into the world of organ transplants. Dr Gonzo is the inspiration for the show, and joining us now is the star of the show, Alex O’Loughlin. Come on out Alex.

Alex & Dr Travis Stork on set of Three Rivers

[Cheers, greetings and hugs all around]

Dr Masterson: Oh it is fabulous having you here and I also do think I need a…

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