#AlexOLoughlin – Interview with Voices of Krypton (2007).

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study


Alex, talking to Voices of Krypton

about Moonlight and Mick St John.

31 October 2007

Reporter: How insane is your life?

Alex: Pretty insane buddy. We’ve just had a very short weekend and a very early start today. And … and …. But it’s good. We’re moving forward. And we just had some scripts picked up today. And they ordered some more scripts from it. So that’s great.

Reporter: The ratings seem to be holding up. It doesn’t seem like it is really going down much.

Alex: We took a hit on the third week.

ml 3 cl 1

Reporter: Right.

Alex: That was with the new ‘Women’s Murder Club’ came on, which was  marketed really well. Had a lot … had a lot of push behind it. We also had a play-offs game. And then we …. we’ve gone up again, so … from that. So it’s good…

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