Alex O’Loughlin: The Hawaii Five-0 star says ‘Aloha’ to Hello! – 2013

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Hello! Canada

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Alex & Bill Brioux

The Hawaii Five-0 star says ‘Aloha’ to Hello! Canada and opens up about island living and being a dad.

By Bill Brioux

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Alex O’Loughlin’s path to stardom wasn’t direct. He moved from his native Australia and toiled in Los Angeles for eight years before landing the role of Det. Steve McGarrett in the Hawaii Five-0reboot – now in its fourth season – and relocated to the island state, which he loves.

“As an Aussie, coming for a place where people are very grounded and tough, but really kind and loving, the Hawaiian people are similar,” says the actor, 37, who lives with his girlfriend, surfer Malia Jones, their one-year-old son, Lion, And two sons from previous relationships. Here he talks with us about fatherhood keeps him going.

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Hello!: It sounds like you have a full house with your boys.


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