Life around #AlexOLoughlin – a week in review (5 – 11 Jun 2016)

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

The good news is that there is only one month left before filming of Season 7 of Hawaii Five-0 begins. As soon as we see any news of the date, we will of course let you know. And as always we hope that there will be someone to cover this years’ blessing ceremony for us all to experience it as well. The last few years The Star Advertiser provided us with some wonderful coverage of the event. Let’s hope they will be there and do it again.

Life on the Set:

  • With no new pictures from the set to add here, but in keeping with our Hawaii Five-0 theme and focus for a week, some BTS pictures from one of my all time favourite episodes – 320.

These flashback scenes that take us back to the year 2000 when Steve did his BUD’s training, caused them to give Alex/Steve a…

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