New oldies, part 103920238408

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Since we have been given so many new oldies again this week, had to make a post with some of the gems, that we haven´t seen before.

Unfortunately Foyeur wasn´t able to make this, so it is messier (the way I make them) Hopefully my partner will soon be back to her “duties”

Anyway, some of the pics can be opened bigger by mouse´s right click “open in new tab”, obviously if you use a computer. Credits are in pic captions.

And a big shout out to Titine and Sadie for having found these and feeding the hungry Alex fandom:shaka:

Jenn B Ross-Gray Credit Jenn B Ross-Gray August 9, 2013 · Miss Plus Global Nations 2013, Alicia Titus is at it again! On the Streets of New York with Randy from “Say Yes to the Dress” She went from being on the set of Hawaii Five-0 with Alex O’Laughlin to the streets of New York…

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