#AlexOLoughlin Gets Candid About Why He’s Ready To Step Away From #H50

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Alex O’Loughlin has led the charge as Steve McGarrett since the show’s 2010 debut, and is taking a rare moment of introspection on the CBS action drama’s prolonged success.

“There’s something to be said about the alchemy that happens, that’s there with every successful, long-running anything. If that doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen,”the 40-year-old star tells ET of reaching the milestone in the seventh season. “We’re all very lucky that the chemistry, that the X factor was in there however it manifested itself because without that, we’re just a lot of hard work to not necessarily this end.”

In Friday’s landmark episode, a romantic dinner between McGarrett and his girlfriend, Lynn (Sarah Carter), is unceremoniously interrupted by his former love, Catherine (Michelle Borth), who abruptly vanished in season six. After learning from Catherine that his mother, Doris (guest star Christine Lahti), is being held…

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