The #AlexOLoughlin Brand of Masculinity – March 2010

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

Exclusive sit-down interview with the director of The Back-up Plan, Alan Poul.

In Search of “Stan”


When Poul signed on to The Back-Up Plan, Lopez was the only element attached to the film. She would take on the role of Zoe, the headstrong female lead with commitment issues and a plan. So, he set out to find the perfect ‘Stan’.

While watching Lopez’s movies in preparation for the film, Poul noticed Lopez’s“enormously charismatic screen presence”. He quickly realized that finding the perfect Stan would be difficult. “I realized when she’s on screen, it’s impossible not to watch her. So, finding a guy who could hold his own with her [and] also who could be Stan was difficult. A lot of the younger actors who you might believe as a cheese farmer, I felt, would come off as being too weak or too soft and wouldn’t be…

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